New Construction

For the past 4 generations Cochran Investments, Inc., has been an industry-leader in developing not only beautiful properties, but reinvigorating the standards of practice in custom home building.

We know that no two clients are alike, which is why we take great care to treat each and every project with the professionalism and attention to detail it deserves. If you are planning to build the home of your dreams, or remodel an existing one in on the Gulf Coast, our team can help. Working alongside dozens of clients over the years has helped us discern what matters most, and once we determine your expectations, we set about superseding them. This means getting to know you, along with what you want out of your property, so that we can create a stylish, functional family home.

Exceptional customer service is at the heart of our business, and can be felt at all stages of construction – from the initial consultations, to design, project planning, and execution.  Our personal level of service enables us to create something that encapsulates our client’s unique personality, while meeting practical requirements for everyday modern life. The fact that our company has grown primarily from referrals demonstrates the high standards we meet with every project.

At Cochran Investments, Inc., we don’t just build new custom homes – we understand your dream  and make it come true.  With our qualified, experienced and professional team, you can see your concept materialize into a well-built, intuitively designed luxury home.